RECAP - Season 3: Episode 11
This week on The Americans, Martha has a visitor, Paige and her mom plan a vacation, Gabe meets with an old friend, and Clark finally takes off his glasses. … Read more


19 KIDS AND COUNTING: You Dirty Dog, You!

  RECAP - Season 15: Episode 12
If you think watching 19 Kids & Counting is a chore, just wait until you’re stuck watching them do chores. It’s like chore-ception in here. Plus, Jill and Derick go to a natural childbirth class, and somebody’s a dirty, dirty dog. … Read more


GAME OF THRONES: It’s My Dwarf in a Box

  RECAP - Season 5: Episode 1
Game of Thrones is back, bitches! It’s Season 5. All the major players in the race to the Iron Throne have already been introduced. And I only had to check the Wiki ten times to confirm the names of characters instead of my usual 27, so progress!… Read more


THE AMERICANS: That Awkward Age

  RECAP - Season 3: Episode 11
This week on The Americans, Clark teaches Martha some tricks of the trade. John-Boy Gaad contemplates his future—and it’s probably not at the bureau. Nina and Anton practice their English. And Oleg charms Tatyana with his impressions.… Read more


DANCING WITH THE STARS: ¡Yo Quiero Latin Night!

  RECAP - Season 20: Week 3
It’s Latin Night on Dancing With the Stars! You know what that means, don’t you? It means the stage is on fire! Literally. No, really. Or it will be, if one single grip or gaffer makes any mistakes at all, because there’s enough torches on hand to give every audience member ... Read more


BETTER CALL SAUL: Jimmy Drops the Mic

  RECAP - Season 1: Episode 10
It’s the season finale of Better Call Saul! After going bonkers at bingo, Jimmy visits his hometown and sees an old friend. The boys get into some mischief, but no arrests! Also Jimmy gets a job offer, and we finally find out what a Chicago sunroof is. … Read more


MAD MEN: Is THAT All There Is?

  RECAP - Season 7: Episode 8
The final season of Mad Men returns! Joan’s boobs get in the way of business, Peggy keeps her boobs under wraps because she really likes the guy, and Don’s a total boob but gets laid anyway. Pretty much business as usual. … Read more