What the Hell Is There to Watch This Summer?

Ugh. I hate summer. I hate the mosquitos, the unbearable heat, the increased risk of skin cancer, and oh yeah, the fact that nothing good is on TV. Fall TV is like Thanksgiving dinner–you spend all year looking forward to the delicious goodness that people spent all day working to prepare ... Read more


GAME OF THRONES: Weddings Are the Worst

  RECAP - Season 5: Episode 6
This week on Game of Thrones, the series’ war on weddings with poor Sansa Stark the latest victim. Also, Arya gets a promotion, Margaery gets a demotion, Bronn and Jamie play dress-up, and Tyrion and Jorah make some new friends with benefits, but, perhaps, not the kind of benefits they were ... Read more


MAD MEN: The Real Thing

  RECAP - Series Finale
It's the last Mad Men ever! Who will choose love? Who chooses work? Who chooses family? Who will suck so bad at love and family they have nothing left but work? Okay, yeah, that last one was always going to be Don. Get ready for life-changing decisions and tearful phone calls galore! Read more


WAYWARD PINES: Paging Nurse Ratched!

  RECAP - Season 1: Episode 1
Welcome to Wayward Pines. It's got a two-word title and northwestern exposure like Twin Peaks, people are stuck in a mysterious place like Lost, and it has secret agents like The Prisoner. The only things missing are humor, originality, wit and irony. But it's an M. Night Shyamalan joint so ... Read more


MAD MEN: Legionnaire’s Disease

  RECAP - Season 7: Episode 13
In the second to last ever Mad Men, Don turns into a drifter in a cheap mid-America motel room, Betty is strongest at her weakest, and Pete just might get everything he's every wanted and more. Read more


FLASH: Three Heroes, Gazillions of Villains

  RECAP - Season 1: Episode 22
We're one episode away from the season finale, and Flash tries to clear all his supervillain prisoners out of town before Harribard's big attack. It's a dumb plan that goes poorly. But at least we get a huge battle scene out of it. Read more


ARROW FINALE: Welcome the New Ra’s al Ghul!

  RECAP - Season 3: Episode 23
Season finale time! Team Arrow fights to save Starling City from complete destruction, and before it's all over, there's a new Ra's al Ghul in charge of the League of Assassins. Plus, Oliver ends up happy... but how long can that last? Read more



  RECAP - Season 5: Episode 5
This week on Game of Thrones, Dany feeds her dragon kids a gourmet lunch. Greyworm lives to be ball-less another day. Jon Snow grows a pair. Sansa comes to terms with just how badly her life sucks. Tyrion grudgingly acknowledges the perks of being held hostage. Read more


FLASH: You Finally Made a Monkey out of Me

  RECAP - Season 1: Episode 21
It's the second to last episode of the season! While hunting for Eddie, who's been kidnapped by Harrison, Joe manages to get himself kidnapped, not by Harrison but by a 2,000-lbs. psychic gorilla. Read more


ONCE UPON A TIME: Lord of the Assholes

  RECAP - Season 4: Episode 22-23
This week on Once Upon a Time’s dramatic two-part season finale, the Author proved himself to be the crappiest alt-world fanfiction writer ever. Snow White got a new, even worse haircut. (Yes, it is possible!) A few people died, then un-died. A long-awaited “I love you” was exchanged. Old Dirty ... Read more


MAD MEN: Desperado

  RECAP - Season 7: Episode 12
It's the third to last Mad Men: Joan gets a new partner and makes Hobart an offer. Roger and Peggy share a special moment and both display hidden talents. Don goes on a road trip and encounters someone from his past. Read more


GAME OF THRONES: Population Control

  RECAP - Season 5: Episode 4
The Game of Thrones is a bloody one. There are no elections in Westeros. So, if you want to hold office, there’s a good chance you are going to be holding it over someone’s dead body . . . multiple someones, more likely than not. Read more



  RECAP - Season 4: Episode 21
Just in time for Mother’s Day, Once has gone and delivered us an hour filled with mother/daughter reunions, mother/daughter reconciliations, mother/daughter bonding sessions, and a fire-breathing dragon who burns people’s faces off . . . You know, the usual . . . Read more


My Guilty Pleasure: Dance Moms

Dance Moms is awful. Yes, Abby Lee Miller is the worst. Yes, I know all that drama is scripted. Yes, it's awful that talented little girls are being exploited by producers. But I really really like Dance Moms, you guys. Read more