SCREAM QUEENS: Let’s Give Thanks

  RECAP - Season 1: Episode 9
Chanel is excited to go to Chad's for Thanksgiving but an uninvited guest threatens to ruin her good time. Meanwhile, everyone at the Kappa Thanksgiving takes turn accusing each other of being the killer. What's there to be thankful for again? Read more


JANE THE VIRGIN: The Baby Sitter’s Club

  RECAP - Season 1: Episode 9
Jane needs to find a baby sitter for Baby Mateo but maybe she should find one for the other people in her life who need managing: Rogelio, who can't control his money; Petra, who has to keep hiding bodies; and Michael, who keeps digging into Sin Rostro when no one asks for that subplot. Read more


SCREAM QUEENS: I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost!

  RECAP - Season 1: Episode 8
The Kappa sisters exchange scary stories, but the real horror comes from Hester's plans to sabotage Chanel. Boone convinces people that he is a ghost so he can carry out his unfinished business. We could call the Ghostbusters, but even they couldn't save these people from their own stupidity. Read more


ONCE UPON A TIME: Much Ado About a Dunce Cap (S5: E9 Recap)

  Season 5: Episode 9 Recap
During Once’s second (less important) hour, Storybrooke’s junior varsity team of characters (Merida, Mulan, Red, Arthur and Zelena) compete against one another to see who will be the first to find an ugly hat. Then, someone finds the hat, but decides not to wear it because of “morals and stuff.” Read more


HOMELAND: Carrie’s Road Trip (S5 E7 RECAP)

  RECAP - Season 5: Episode 7
Carrie asks Allison for help. What a coincidence! Allison also wants something from Carrie -- her life. Peter Quinn's storyline continues to operate completely separately, but we're sure it'll connect with everything else sooner or later. Read more