SLEEPY HOLLOW: Dear Jesus, It’s Me Ichabod

  RECAP - Season 3: Episode 1
It's a mid-series reboot for Sleepy Hollow as FOX attempts to pull this demon-obsessed melodrama out of Hell with a number of welcome changes. The season 3 premiere gives us many reasons to smile, mostly from who's gone forever. Bye-bye, Katrina and your whiny headless boyfriend! Read more


EMPIRE: Making the Band

  RECAP - Season 2: Episode 2
Cookie's starting her own studio! With blackjack! And hookers! Or maybe just a crappy girl band. Oh well, everybody's gotta start somewhere. Read more


QUANTICO: How to Get Away with Terrorism

  RECAP - Season 1: Episode 1
The series premiere of Quantico brings a whole mess of beautiful people together for sexy shenanigans and deadly secrets, plus a terrorist attack in the middle of New York City just to make it interesting. Read more


GOTHAM: Maniax on the Loose

  RECAP - Season 2: Episode 2
Another week, another raving band of lunatics killing people all over Gotham without a single Batman in sight to stop them. This time, it's the Maniax turn in the spotlight. Read more


SURVIVOR: Second Chance Dance

  RECAP - Season 31: Episode 1
It’s the 31st season of Survivor, and what do they do to make it feel new? They take some old players out for another spin. Can they rekindle the flame? Read more


Not So Rosy Outlook for “Rosewood”

What are the bare bones, if you pardon the pun, of your typical police procedural? Well, you have a know-it-all detective who drives everyone nuts while they solve the case, a grumpy cop who eventually warms up to said know-it-all detective, and a couple of lab assistants who spout off ... Read more