THE FLASH: Timey-Whimey Stuff

  RECAP - Season 1: Episode 17
This week on The Flash is pretty much the same as last week on The Flash, only everything happens differently. This time, Barry deals with the repercussions of time travel, gets found out by Captain Cold, and finally gets wise about Harrison.  … Read more


ARROW: Take My League of Assassins… Please!

  RECAP - Season 3: Episode 16
Ra’s makes Oliver an offer he can’t refuse… or can he? Thea gives Nyssa a target she can’t resist… or can she? Diamonds make really crappy bullets… or do they? Answers in this week’s Arrow! … Read more



  RECAP - Season 1: Episode 16
Jane is in a spat with Raphael, Xiomara is in a feud with Alba, Rogelio is on a stakeout with Michael, and a popstar’s pooch is on the loose in the hotel. Pretty much no one is whether they’re supposed to be on this week’s Jane the Virgin. … Read more


THE FLASH: You Can’t Outrun Your Past

  RECAP - Season 1: Episode 15
All the secrets come out this week on The Flash, and not everybody in the opening credits makes it out alive. Also, the Weather Wizard, time travel, and semi-incestuous makeout sessions, just in case things weren’t complicated enough… Read more


ONCE UPON A TIME: Things That Make You Go “Ahhhh, Ahhh!”

  RECAP - Season 4: Episode 15
Once upon a time, a sweet little mermaid named Ariel dreamed of walking on land, so she could get laid by a hot human prince. It’s not exactly the most heroic of Life Goals, is it? This week on Once, we learn that you can’t judge a man by the size of his (ahem) ship, or a hero/villain by his ... Read more


SLEEPY HOLLOW: Back to the Future

  RECAP - Season 2: Episode 18
It’s the season finale of Sleepy Hollow! With Katrina and Abbie sucked back into Revolutionary War times, can Ichabod survive the Horseman on his own? And more importantly, will there be a Season 3?… Read more


THE AMERICANS: A Burning Ring of Fire

  RECAP - Season 3: Episode 8
This week on The Americans – Nina has an awkward reunion, Paige finds out something interesting, Martha confronts Clark, and more history lessons straight from the John Birch Society… Read more