WALKING DEAD: Shave and a Haircut, Two Bits

  RECAP - Season 5: Episode 12
What’s inside the gates of Alexandria? Everything Rick and crew have ever dreamed of. But we know the show’s not over yet, so there’s got to be something wrong with the place. And that something may be staring at a clean-cut, freshly showered Rick in the bathroom mirror. … Read more


19 KIDS AND COUNTING: Say No to the Dress!

  RECAP - Season 15: Episode 3
It doesn’t take much for 19 Kids & Counting to roll out an extra special hour-long episode. In fact, last season we had nine weeks of hour-long episodes and just four weeks of half-hour fillers. Considering “Jessa burns the rolls” is pretty much all it takes to fill 60 minutes, I want you ... Read more


19 KIDS & COUNTING: Jessa Won’t Be Wearing White to Her Wedding

  RECAP - Season 15: Episode 2
You’d think a half-hour episode of 19 Kids & Counting would cause for celebration! But half-hour episodes come in pairs, so at best it’s just a shit sandwich cut in half, and not even diagonally with the crusts cut off, but down the middle with the same knife used to dice anchovies moments ... Read more


I Am Spock… And I’m Not the Only One

  A Thank You Letter to Leonard Nimoy
This may come as a surprise to those of you who only know me through the blog, but I’m not actually the brash, charming, devil-may-care, always-gets-the-girl action hero that I seem at first glance. No, really, it’s true. Growing up, it was always clear to me that I was sidekick material. I am ... Read more


ARROW: Suicide Missions Galore

  RECAP - Season 3: Episode 15
Pretty much everyone volunteers to die for Sara’s murder except the guy responsible. And we finally get an answer to the eternal question, “Where do superhero come from?” (The answer is S-E-X, obviously)… Read more


WALKING DEAD: Highway to the Danger Zone

  RECAP - Season 5: Episode 11
Eventually they pull up outside the walls of Aaron’s sanctuary. There, that’s everything you need to know about this episode of The Walking Dead. The rest, much like life, is meaningless crap. But read the recap anyway… Read more


5 Failed Knockoffs of Popular TV Shows

  Copycats Don't Always Land on Their Feet
When the broadcast TV networks aren’t rebooting old series or remaking foreign shows, they’re unabashedly stealing concepts from other channels that have blundered their way into a hit somehow. Sometimes it’s a modest success, like The Mentalist’s serious take on Psych or The Ghost Whisperer’s ... Read more


DOWNTON ABBEY: London Edition

  RECAP - Season 5: Episode 8
Rose and Atticus are about to get married, but a secret someone is trying to break them up. Will love save the day? And what’s happened since that very unpleasant dinner with Dickie’s devil-spawn?… Read more



  RECAP - Season 14: Episode 8
It’s down to the final three. Who gets fired, and who gets to compete in the last task of the season–creating the best commercial for Universal Orlando Resorts and raising big bucks selling vacation packages?… Read more